150th anniversary of Anson Croman and the 20th Michigan at the 1863 siege & battle of Knoxville

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Cizewski, Lovetere, Musbach, & Robinson Families

Battle of Fort Sanders Painting by Greg Harlin of the November 29, 1863 attack showing the 20th Michigan’s position. Greg Harlin based his work on illustrations, photos, original letters and diaries, older paintings, and military diagrams.
(Fair use of image from the McClung Museum, University of Tennessee Knoxville.)

Siege of Vicksburg Fort Sanders on the northwest corner of  Knoxville, Tennessee with the November 29, 1863 position of the 20th Michigan and the direction of the main Confederate attack.
(Public domain image.)

In August 1863, after the fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi, the 20th Michigan returned to Kentucky.

In October, the 20th Michigan crossed through the Cumberland Gap to eastern Tennessee.

Many people in eastern Tennessee were strongly pro-Union. One of President Lincoln’s priorities was to secure the area and provide them protection from the Confederates.

In September 1863, after the Confederate victory at Chickamauga, Georgia, the main Union army retreated to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Confederates cut…

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